Real Property


Transactions and conveyances involving real property may be complex or simple but all must meet certain legal requirements and title company standards in order to be valid and effective. 

Contracts should be carefully constructed to protect parties. 

Errors on deeds are among the most common problems that arise in real estate matters, and errors that are discovered years after a conveyance may create great expense to the owners who find they must correct the problem. 

Community property interests affect real property ownership and records must be clear about status and ownership.

Ownership interests between individuals may be held as tenants in common, as joint tenants with right of survivorship or as community property with right of survivorship.

More information about deeds and conveyances can be found here at the Arizona Legal Forms Library (a service of Cautela Corporation).  The Library can also assist you in the preparation of a certain types of deeds at a lower cost than office services if you prefer to “do-it-yourself”.