Living Will


A Living Will provides instructions about “end of life” care; it is also commonly referred to as a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). Article 5 of Chapter 32 in Title 36 of Arizona Revised Statutes Section governs living wills. Arizona Revised Statutes Section 36-3262 provides a sample living will form and related information. The form provided here may also be printed and executed.

Note that the form must be signed in front of a witness OR a Notary Public. Neither the witness nor the Notary can be: (1) related to you (the declarant) by blood or marriage; (2) entitled to any portion of declarant’s estate either by will or codicil or according to the laws of intestate succession; (3) directly financially responsible for the declarant’s medical care; (4) the declarant’s doctor or an employee of that doctor; or (5) an employee or patient in the hospital where the declarant is a patient.

You may also obtain a form of Living Will or DNR from many hospitals, urgent care or emergency centers. Many of these facilities prefer the use of their forms. A doctor or medical facility can refuse to honor a living will. It can be helpful to provide a copy of your Living Will to your physician(s) and the care centers you use while you are physically competent and able to do so and to discuss your wishes with them.

Additional information and forms can be found at the website for the Arizona State Attorney General’s Office.