After obtaining a Judgment against another individual or company, you want to collect the amount awarded to you. If you are dealing with a Judgment Debtor who works and you know where he or she is employed, it may be possible to collect a portion of wages paid over a period of time. If you know where the Judgment Debtor banks, it may be possible to collect funds directly from the bank. Garnishments are sometimes successful and other times not.  

A Judgment can also be recorded with the Recorder’s Office in the County where the Judgment was obtained or other (Arizona) county where the Judgment Debtor owns real property. If the Judgment Debtor does own real property, that Judgment will show up on a title search, if the Debtor attempts to sell the real property. Typically, a title insurer will insist that the Judgment be satisfied before it will insure clear title to a buyer. 

A Judgment is valid only for 5 years from the date it was entered, unless it is renewed in Court. It is a simple process to renew the Judgment; however, if it is not renewed before the 5 year period expires, the Judgment is no longer valid. A person who obtains the Judgment must keep track of this time period; the Court will not remind you.