Real Estate

Deeds: preparation of deed to convey real estate or to change how the title is held.$75.00
Additional costs:
Recording fees$30.00
On-line Deed preparation is available for certain deeds in the Legal Forms Library
Beneficiary Deed
Quit Claim Deed
Joint Tenancy Quit Claim Deed with Right of Survivorship
Community Property Deed with Right of Survivorship
Tax lien foreclosures: includes preparation of court documentation to initiate and process action through judgment, assistance with procedural requirements.hourlyrate
Additional costs include:
Litigation guarantee report, varies$400.00
Certified mailings of notice to interested parties, varies with number of mailings - (estimate cost for each mailing)$7.00
Court filing fee in Pima County (varies in other Arizona counties)$258.00
Service of process varies with mileage; each named defendant must be served; estimated cost for each service$75.00
Publication varies and is required for unknown heirs and/or if the whereabouts of a defendant is unknown.$75.00
Recording Notice of Pendency of Action, varies with county$30.00
Recording Release of Notice of Pendency of Action on redemption, varies with county$30.00
Recording Treasurer's Deed, varies with county$30.00