Incorporation of "for profit" corporation including Articles of Incorporation; filing and publication; set up of organizational structure, minutes and bylaws; issue stock and set up stock ledgers; obtain tax number; obtain S Corp election, if applicable.

Additional costs of incorporation include:
Filing fee$60.00
Expedited fee (optional)$35.00
Publication fee varies (estimated)$100.00
Formal printed recordbook: stock certificates optional; and corporate seal optional (estimated)
Binder with generic stock certificates - 0 -
Annual meetings preparation of minutes of annual meeting of directors and minutes of annual meeting of stockholders; waivers of notice for each meeting.
$ 75.00
Joint annual meetings; preparation of minutes and waiver of notice.$ 50.00
Special meetings of directors and/or stockholders. hourlyrate
LLC organization including preparation of Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, Unanimous Consent form, filing, publication, and recordbook.
Additional costs of organization include:
Filing fee$50.00
Expedited fee (optional)$35.00
Publication fee varies (estimated)$50.00
Formal printed recordbook with or without member certificates optional (estimated)
Binder without member certificates - 0 -