Circles and Dialogue Facilitation

Circles and dialogue facilitation provide a process where a neutral person will guide the participants through steps to assist the group in meeting its defined objectives. The subject matter of a facilitation is set by the group and the structure of the facilitation is designed by the group, or its representative(s), with the assistance of the facilitator.

A process can be designed to:

  • work through conflict to a resolution agreeable to all participants
  • empower family or community groups to work together in new and stronger ways
  • assist companies in exploring alternative business practices
  • expand discussion to look at a specific issue or a variety of issues
  • deepen exploration into causes of and resolutions for conflict
  • stimulate ideas and creativity

Circles.  A time-honored tradition used in many cultures to insure that all participants in the circle have an opportunity to express their thoughts and be heard by the entire group. It is a respectful way to address any number of issues and involve all participants in a cohesive discussion and/or problem solving process.

Creative brainstorming.  In a brainstorming session quantity not quality is what counts; no idea is rejected; all ideas are displayed where all participants can see them; participants can build on each other’s ideas. There is no discussion or analysis during a brainstorming session.  However, a discussion or analysis may follow in a separate or subsequent session, depending on the purpose of the group.

Problem Solving.  During a problem solving process: the discussion objectives are clarified; possible causes of the problems are explored, discussed and may be listed where the group can refer to them; possible solutions are discussed and also may be listed; a group decision is made that may come from one or more of the ideas discussed.

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