Cautela Corporation is a small business in Tucson, Arizona, providing paralegal services and legal document preparation for the local legal community and the general public.


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Specialized attorney services, resources and staff training tools.

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Public Legal Document Services

Cautela Corporation provides document preparation for the lay person and procedural guidance for individuals who wish to represent themselves. Some court proceedings require a hearing and other proceedings do not. A paralegal cannot attend a court hearing with clients who are representing themselves. Courts expect persons representing themselves to have a basic understanding of the legal process they are engaged in and that they will comply with statutory requirements. Procedural instruction and guidance is provided to familiarize an individual with a variety of court processes.

Cautela Corporation provides a wide range of paralegal services and is glad to provide attorney referrals. There are times when it is necessary and important to seek legal advice and legal representation. An attorney will analyze your position and advise you on available options, guiding you through an increasingly complex legal system. Additional resource information and local referrals for Pima County, Arizona, can be found here.

Information and Checklists

BUSINESS STRUCTURES. You want to start a business – now what are the next steps?
CONSERVATORSHIPS. How do you help when someone can no longer manage property?
ESTATE PLANNING. What kind of estate planning tools and documents are available?
GUARDIANSHIPS. When do you need a legally appointed Guardian?
POWERS OF ATTORNEY. What is a Power of Attorney and how do you use it?
PROBATE. What is involved with a probate administration and when is one needed?
REAL ESTATE. Deeds and conveyances look simple – but are they?
GARNISHMENTS. How do you collect a debt after you get a Judgment?

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Marley Beard





Marley Beard, the owner of Cautela Corporation, is licensed as a legal document preparer by the Arizona Supreme Court of Arizona; she is also a certified legal assistant through the National Association of Legal Assistants and a licensed investigator in the State of Arizona. With more than thirty years of experience in the legal field, Ms. Beard has a broad knowledge of legal procedure and a specific focus in the areas of probate, conservatorship, guardianship, wills, trusts, real estate and business entities such as corporations and limited liability companies.



Ramses Stevens, is a full scope investigator for The Copia Agency, a division of Cautela Corpoation.  A graduate of the University of Arizona, Ramses’ background includes certifications, experience and training with:  ISO 9000/14000 RAB/ANSI; TEGG Institute; Drone Photography; Mexico PF MVA; Capufe SCT; Accident Site Recon; ICA CNA Certified Inspections.  Investigation services are provided throughout Arizona and Mexico with affiliations throughout the U.S.  Services include personal injury MVA, accident site survey and site mapping, documentation recovery and product liability experience, USA and Mexico police official report case documentation procurement services. For more services check here.